As our guest, you are a short distance from many different activities. Mountain hikes, whether long or short, offer majestic natural panoramas. If you have brought along the proper clothing and equipment, we recommend an overnight outing to the Snytind cabin or to Toralfsbu. The key can be collected from the local hiking association.

Many people think our sea mammals are well worth seeing. Find out about the  whale safaris from Vesterålen or the orca safaris from Lødingen.

Coastal culture is highly appreciated in the region; perhaps you will find new knowledge in one of the many museums, or new experiences in the diverse artscape sculptures.

If you are particularly interested in birds, the outer side of Vesterålen is an Eldorado where you are able to spot and approach many rare bird species.

Have we mentioned skiing?  Be our guests! We provide skis at no cost to our guests …


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